The Sisterhood is Global

The organization I am an intern at, which is called Donor Direct Action, is is an Initiative of the Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI), a feminist think-tank founded by Robin Morgan and Simone de Beauvoir in 1984. 

Founded in 1984 by Robin Morgan, the late Simone de Beauvoir, and women from 80 other countries, the Institute spun off from the book Sisterhood Is Global: The International Women’s Movement Anthology, compiled and edited by Robin Morgan. At publication, Morgan brought together many of these women for a strategy meeting, out of which was born The Sisterhood is Global Institute, the first international feminist think-tank “pledged to visionary yet pragmatic action in support of women’s rights, freedoms, and power.”

Among its many activities in the following years, the Institute pioneered the first Urgent Action Alerts regarding women’s rights; the first Global Campaign To Make Visible Women’s Unpaid Labor In National Accounts; and the first Women’s Rights Manuals For Muslim Societies (in 12 languages). 

I have been thinking about the meaning of the phrase "The Sisterhood is Global". I believe it encapsulates what feminism should be about: women as one, with no woman left behind. It is not enough to have women from the Global North being safe, financially independent and in charge of their bodies if women in other countries remain being victims of femicide, female genital mutilation or child marriage. Sisterhood must be global and as such, no woman should be left behind. We all need to move forward. 

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