The danger for Afghan women and girls

One of DDA's partners is HAWCA, which stands for Humanitarian Assistance for Women and Children of Afghanistan. HAWCA is a Kabul-based non-profit organization committed to helping Afghan women and children.

Motivated by the despair and devastation suffered by Afghan women and children as victims of war and injustice, HAWCA was founded in 1999 by a group of young Afghans who for years had been volunteering in refugee camps along Pakistan’s border.

Before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, women and girls were already facing a dire situation in the country, and HAWCA was a safe haven for many of them. However, with the recent turn of events, not even activists have been able to aid women, as they are also in danger. 

It is sad to see firsthand how difficult it is to aid women under such a dark panorama. The government was taken by the Taliban and this equals a clear draw back in the rights of girls and women. The Taliban will control everything from women's clothes to their education and their independence to walk on the streets alone.

I feel powerless about this and do not know what the best intervention would be. Should countries send military forces to the territory? Should the UN send a humanitarian mission to aid women and girls? Would the Taliban allow it? Should we evacuate the entire Afghan population from their country? 

Even if I am a policy student, I do not have clear answers, less so about a situation that I am not extremely familiar with. For now I hope the situation continues getting the attention it deserves, and the world keeps sending humanitarian aid and rescue even if they choose not to engage in the civil war. 

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