My biggest learnings

I am back to school in Cambridge, MA, and through this post I will try to summarize my biggest learnings at Donor Direct Action:

1. Sisterhood CAN be global!

As a Mexican feminist, I have felt that sometimes women from the Global North -including the United States- do not care for what happens in the Global South. However, the fact that Donor Direct Action is an American organization with the goal of supporting women in developing countries made me regain hope in the existence of a global network of women willing to aid one another.

2. Fundraising is not a straight journey

Given that I witnessed the work of Donor Direct Action throughout the summer, I became familiar with how fundraising for nonprofits works (an experience I had not had before). I learned that fundraising is not a straight journey and that it can be done through several paths: personal donations, grant applications, selling merchandise, galas, etc. 

3. We have a LONG way to go in terms of gender equality! 

Before Donor Direct Action I was not familiar with some of the specific struggles faced by women in some countries -Nepal, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Democratic Republic of Congo-, mostly because my work has been centered in Mexico and Latin America. However, thanks to the fact that I was able to learn about many of Donor Direct Action’s partners, I got familiar with the amazing work these women are doing, and sadly, the fact that there is a long way to go in every country in the world. 

I hope to continue my relationship with Donor Direct Action, as I believe the work they do is immensely valuable. 

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