Manuela Ramos: A champion for women in Peru

When I first got to Donor Direct Action and got to know their partners, I was glad to realize they had two partners in Latin America, Manuela Ramos and ORMUSA. Shortly after I joined, they told me they were just adding ASOGEN as a partner organization. 

I am Mexican, so Latin American women have a special place in my heart and mind. Every day I work to make Mexico a safer place for women, and I know that the realities in other Latin American countries, such as Peru, El Salvador and Guatemala, are no different. 

Movimiento Manuela Ramos is a feminist group located inLima, Peru that has been working for Peruvian women since 1978. Their over 40 years of experience have made them stand as the biggest women’s rights organization in Peru.  

The situation for women in Peru is dire. A total of 13 femicides were reported by the authorities in Peru in 2020, but more than 5,521women were recorded as missing, of whom two thirds are girls.  

The country has one of the highest rates of reported rapes in Latin America, and forced sterilizations of indigenous women have left survivors seeking truth and justice.  

Manuela Ramos has been a champion for these problems, and their work continues to be invaluable for Peruvian women. The organization is structured around four guiding principles: the right to violence-free lives, economic rights, sexual and reproductive rights and political rights and citizen engagement. 

As I have mentioned in some of my past blog entires, I am proud to intern at an organization that supports women living in the Global South through its partners, as it is a clear example of sisterhood being exercised globally. 

To learn more about Manuela Ramos or donate to them you can visit: 

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