Gloria Steinem, the feminist hero

I want to dedicate one of my blog entries to a feminist icon and Donor Direct Action's co-convenor, Gloria Steinem. Although I have never had direct contact with her, I know that she continues working backstage to push for the rights of girls and women as she has done for the last decades. 

Steinem, as this profile recounts, began her career as a journalist and one of her first articles was around contraception, as "the pill" was not yet available to all women. She mentions that the story about an abortion speak-out was what made her start her activism for feminism.

As of 2021, Gloria Steinem is pretty much active in the fight for gender equality. I admire her stamina, as at the age of 87, she continues to push for change, even when she has certainly done enough for women globally in her lifetime. 

This summer I went to the New York Historical Society Museum and inside their gift shop they had merchandise with Gloria's name and image on it, such as dolls, tote bags, pencils and other things. I was reflecting on how peculiar must it be to go from being a woman who was deemed too outspoken and radical in the 60's, to become a feminist darling and one of the most prominent faces of feminism nowadays. 

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